Integrated VoIP solutions, Business Call Centers, IP PBX.

VoIP office

Recommended telephony solution for companies that need communication resource management through: fast and automated customer identification, automatic call distribution, custom activity reports.

VoIP ecommerce

The VoiP CallTrack solution is designed and developed to be quickly integrated with any online store. This reduces the conversation time of the operator, enables fast processing of orders, automatically retrieves missed calls, identify all sources that generated conversions and sends real-time information in Google Analytics.

Callcenter solution

Calltrack is the ideal solution for any Callcenter providing the necessary tools for customizing the detailed ways in which inbound and outbound calls are processed. It can generate 100% customized reports, automatically route calls, automatically generate outbound campaigns, the solution could be integrated with CRM or ERP applications used by the clients.


VoIP CallTrack components description

Own CRM / CRM integration

Enables you to register contacts, products, orders, campaigns or connect with customer's own applications (ERP, CRM).

Custom IVR

The IVR enables customers to interact with VoIP application via the phone keypad or voice recognition.

Possibility of Cloud Hosting

99.95% Uptime Guarantee, the application is hosted in the data center of the telephone companies.

CDR (Call Detail Record)

The calls are recorded and you receive informations about inbound and outbound calls such as call time and duration, source number, destination number.

Reports and statistics

Can generate complex customizable reports depending on the status of users, calls that were not answered / agent, missed calls, agent charging and more.

Operator management

You can estimate the workload and staff needed, schedule and manage customer accounts, integrate the employees in the planning process.

100% customizable

The CallTrack, app can be customized to suit business needs of different companies, regardless of their field of activity.

100% responsive

The CallTrack app is responsive and provides an optimal user experience and interaction, regardless of the device from which you access it, PC or mobile phone.

Automatic Recovery missed calls

CallTrack can automatically dial the customer whose call was missed or send email notifications in real time to the department assigned for each missed call