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CallTrack allows full automation of inbound and outbound calls. Calls can be automatically distributed to agents or departments. Also, to increase agents productivity they use soft-phone installed on their computers and headphones with microphone.

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VoIP CallTrack components description

Own CRM / CRM integration

Enables you to register contacts, products, orders, campaigns or connect with customer's own applications (ERP, CRM).

Custom IVR

The IVR enables customers to interact with VoIP application via the phone keypad or voice recognition.

Cloud Hosting

99.95% Uptime Guarantee, the application is hosted in the data center of the telephone companies.

CDR (Call Detail Record)

The calls are recorded and you receive informations about inbound and outbound calls such as call time and duration, source number, destination number.

Reports and statistics

Can generate complex customizable reports depending on the status of users, calls that were not answered / agent, missed calls, agent charging and more.

Operator management

You can estimate the workload and staff needed, schedule and manage customer accounts, integrate the employees in the planning process.

About CallTrack

CallTrack application is based on Asterisk open source application framework that provides multiple functionalities and flexible.

CallTrack + Asterisk =

Asterisk is the most powerful tool for building systems and Call Center solutions. Asterisk community consists of over 86,000 registered users and developers who have contributed time and effort to make Asterisk the most used open source communication product in the world.

Asterisk can easily adapt to business needs and allows you to define the solution that really suits your needs. Asterisk is stable, reliable and used by over one million communications systems, in more than 170 countries.
By supporting a variety of traditional telephone service and VoIP services, Asterisk allows users to have efficient systems, or gradually migrate existing systems to new technologies. Companies choose to use Asterisk servers to replace an older PBX, to have new features (such as custom IVR or automatic call distribution) or to achieve a reduction in costs using Internet call (VoIP).
Asterisk software is easily customized and configured. Thus, just days after signing the contract, you can start your company activities without technical difficulty and without the need for specialized IT knowledge, using the CallTrack app.

Calltrack Plans and Products

Cloud hosting solutions (Software as a Service) and equipments + Self-Hosted license

Why other companies have chosen Calltrack

Among the benefits of using VoIP application Calltrack include:

Flexible solution

  • Easily adding and editing user / agents and departments
  • Manage and edit contacts and outbound campaigns
  • Automatic distribution of inbound and outbound calls
  • Complex custom reporting systems
  • Integrated Web Phone (WebRTC secure) which automatically displays caller information when a call is received.

The CallTrack, app can be customized to suit business needs of different companies, regardless of their field of activity.

Our team will use the experience gained to create a customized call center solution to meet your business needs.

Best quality / price ratio

  • Solution designed and developed in house
  • There are no hidden costs
  • Get support free for 1 year
  • All possible bugs found are repaired Free
  • You get free upgrades for 1 year
  • You get free upgrades for 1 year

The CallTrack app has no hidden costs, You get free support and updates and also you don't have to purchase additional equipment, besides headphones that will be used by the agents of your call center.

We are keen to find the right VoIP solution for our customers, that's why we offer free consultance and total transparence in discussions that precedes the adoption of the solution.

Reliability, scalability and adaptability

  • 100% responsive
  • 100% interconnected
  • Easy to manage and configure
  • Custom IVR

Aplicatia CallTrack este responsive, va ofera o experienta de navigare si interactiune optima, indiferent de dispozitivul de pe care o accesati, fie el PC sau telefon mobil

CallTrack can be integrated / connected in a very short time with a variety CRM or CMS

Complex custom reporting systems

  • Real time status for every agent and number of calls answered per agent
  • The list of completed calls but not answered by agents
  • Reporting missed calls by: date, day of week, time, department, called number
  • Reporting on the agent, department, date, day of week, hour
  • Customized reports with drill-down on multiple dimensions
  • Graphs for user uptime

You can generate and export complex reports, in real time, depending on the status of agents, calls that were not answered / agent, missed calls, agent charging and more.

It offers total freedom in generating reports, offering the ability to create them intuitive, by using drag & drop.

Google analytics integration

  • Tracking phone conversions
  • Informations about phone calls and phone conversions are automatically sent to Google Analytics
  • Tracking phone calls received from various marketing campaigns

Pentru a monitoriza tranzacțiile telefonice, apeluri telefonice și conversii lor sunt trimise automat în Google Analytics pentru urmărirea de comert electronic. Integrarea este foarte util pentru magazine online care pot măsura impactul campaniilor de marketing și le optimizează în funcție de rezultatul acestora.

For a proper monitoring you can set and display different inbound phone numbers for marketing campaigns.

CRM or other applications Integration

  • Integration with customer's own CRM or ERP
  • It is possible to open an pop-up whith client sheet, when a call is received, in the CRM or ERP used.
  • You can create automated outbound campaigns
  • It is possible to dial-out manually (click to call) or automatically depending on the load operators

You can import / export contact lists and generate campaigns based on the list, or based on the filters applied to it. Integrating the list of contacts ensures the recognition of caller before the call. You can perform manual dial-out (click to call) or automatically depending on the load agents (call originated)

The application allows creating campaigns (recurring) inbound or outbound with the possibility of targeting based on completed Custom fields (predictive dialing).

Clients portfolio CallTrack

Calltrack VoIP PBX application is an integrated solution for office & ecommerce telephony, developed by While1 Software in order to offer partners who adopt it a professional solution that can raise the quality of customer interactions, employee productivity and efficiency.

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